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Plant a

Free Tree Seeds!

Help us plant trees! We plant as many trees as we can, but if you have space, we’d love your help.

Plant a Book is a simple initiative: An author-led movement, where authors themselves plant trees. By pledging to contribute a percentage of their book revenues, authors super-charge the sustainability cycle. Trees get planted, books get imagined. Trees get harvested, books get made, and sold. Authors plant more trees. The intention is to unite the story-makers of our time to sustain literature while bettering the planet in a practical way.

Why We Give Away Tree Seeds

We’re on a mission. We want to plant as many types of tree, as widely as possible. We’re planting them on any land where we know they’ll be safe. We’re looking for land to purchase in trust. But we’ve got a secret weapon, too. (That’s you!)

Any project like Plant a Book is only as good as the people who participate in it. So if you’d like to do more than buy one of our books, then this is your bit.

We need individuals who have space to plant a tree.
We need school classes, local organisations, and cool companies who want to get on board.

… but this all comes with a pre-requisite:

You’ve got to be serious! Planting a tree takes a few hours to start with. Over the first few years it takes the odd check in, and a little loving attention. After that your tree will mostly grow wonderfully without your time. It will probably even feed you! Sound good? We think so.

But first:
Do you own the land?
Is there enough space for a tree to grow?
Please think strongly about the future of your tree(s) (this, in of itself, is a great exercise, shifting us into long-term thinking!)

Ready to plant a little seed and grow a beautiful tree? Great, sign up below!

P.S. Don’t worry; we’ll help you pick the right tree for your circumstance!

Claim Free Tree Seeds

We’re pausing our free-tree-seeds program for now, if you’d like to hear if we restart this program please sign up here.